How to use Backgrid.js and the Javascript SDK

Create a Backgrid populated with data from and have it auto save back to Parse when a field is edited:

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  • Nuno Marques

    Hi, I’m trying to use Backgrid 0.3.5 with Parse JS SDK 1.4.2 but getting these errors:

    ‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘$’ of undefined’
    on this line: var $ = Backbone.$;

    So I tried aliasing: Backbone = Parse; Backbone.Model = Parse.Object;

    and instead I get

    Uncaught Error: Parse.Object.extend’s first argument should be the className.

    Probably because Parse.Object.extend differs from Backbone.Model.extend

    Can you suggest a way to deal with this and get backgrid and working together?