Lessons learnt from building a quadcopter

ZMR 250
ZMR 250
  • If you’re bad at soldering (like me), make a wiring loom instead of using a power distribution board, it’ll be easier to solder (I’m presuming!).
  • Don’t cut your wires too short
  • Make sure you know which way the motors are going to spin, and which way your flight controller wants them to spin, before you do any soldering. Looking at your motor and ESC from the top,  if you solder the wires straight from the motor to the ESC the motor will spin anti clockwise. To get it to spin clockwise just cross over any two of the wires.
  • If you use the CC3D flight controller, mount it so the USB port is facing sideways for easy access, then inform the Ground Station Software of this change
  • Learn how to bind your Tx to its Rx early in the build, you can use the power from an ESC rather than buying a binding battery
  • Don’t impulse buy, read a lot and learn before making the wrong purchase
  • If your ESC’s have linear BEC’s onboard, then you don’t need to cut the power from any of them before connecting the your flight controller

End result:

My ZMR250
My ZMR250

  • aleksppetrov

    Hi, I have the same quad and i am having big difficulties in setting it up. When I increase the throttle and it goes up, it suddenly drifts stronly to right. Can you please help me, and suggest me what it could be? Thank you!

  • Sam

    Hi there, im not sure but it could be a motor sticking, or prop not on correctly? I would suggest you come over to http://reddit.com/r/multicopter and ask the question there. I’m sure you’ll find the answer.