Inductrix & Taranis, using Spektrum DM9 module

Got lots of money and no patience? You’re in luck, you can get a Spektrum DM9 module for your Taranis quickly, and have it bind to your Inductrix easily.

Inductrix, Taranis, DM9

Unfortunately the module is $59 from eBay, …but it arrives within 3 days and it works.

You’ll need to create a new model on your Taranis, and as shown on the picture below, disable the internal RF module, enable the external RF module, mode on PPM, CH1-8, 22.5ms, 400u, negative polarity.

Inductrix Taranis Model setup


To bind, follow this sequence:

  • Switch off Taranis
  • Switch on Inductrix and wait for blue LED to flash rapidly
  • Hold down bind button on DM9 module (the only button on it) and keep it held while turning on Taranis
  • DM9 will have a flashing orange LED, then solid orange LED, then go out, now you can let go of the bind button.
  • Blue flashing LED on Inductrix should stop flashing and go solid blue. Now you’re bound.

If the above doesn’t work, keep trying, remove the module from your Taranis and then put it back in and try again. It took me about 5 attempts. At the moment it appears you have to re-bind every time you reboot, but I’m working on a solution for that. EDIT: Appears to be permanently bound now, maybe you have to rebind a couple of times before it remembers?

Channel Direction

My Yaw and Roll channels needed to be reversed within my model setup on the Taranis, there is a nice easy instruction video here:


Within your model setup on the Taranis you can also add a countdown timer, since the inductrix batteries don’t last long. In Timer 1 choose: THs (throttle start) 3:30 (my conservative estimate), minute call: on, countdown: voice.


If you experience loss of range, open up the DM9 module and ensure the UFL connector is still plugged in. Mine wasn’t, but it still flew!

Shout out to JesseP 🙂


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